Children, parched from playing, or other various activities, would typically exchange a few words referring to their thirst, then put a hand to the side of their mouths and call forth their “friend” by shouting “Hey, Kool-Aid!”, whereupon, the Kool-Aid Man would make his grand entrance, breaking through walls, fences, ceilings or other furnishings, uttering the famous words “Oh yeah!”, then pour the dehydrated youngsters a glass of Kool-Aid.
Wikipedia, on the Kool-Aid Man

i got a gator for that

super quick Alain doodle
A+, Shutter <3

super quick Alain doodle

A+, Shutter <3

Your children's text decoded: LOL - lots o' layers WTF - where's the Fiona? YOLO - you're one lovely ogre XD - xtreme donkey SWAG - shrek was a greatmovie


I put this on my friend&#8217;s fb wall and she never responded

I put this on my friend’s fb wall and she never responded

Kirby’s avalanche got surprisingly aggressive

Totally delayed post but here’s Betty on her way to NYC to meet her new pep-pep

my love of worf becomes less and less ironic each day


Photos from the Queens of Comixxx / Rat Queens burlesque show last night. It was a wonderful experience. And the Betty doll was a gift for my daughter due in August. My heart nearly exploded.

Suuuch a fun weekend

i think i’m the only member of the ironic pitbull fandom